Ohai, but don’t celebrate yet…

((Gonna say a few things that miiiiiiight anger/upset a few people… But I might be possibly coming back. I know I am do to a thread with one partner, but other than that…here’s a few things:

  • I’m coming back as a private RPer. For now, I’m only RPing with just one person. Mainly for the fact that I’m still struggling a bit with my Charles muse, and she’s the only one I feel comfortable RPing with, as I try to get a leash handle on him. As I get more into his character again, I’ll be open with RPing with new people, however I do have the right to say no. I’ll also become a select follower, as well. Meaning if you follow me, I might not follow back right away. More on that later.
  • Anon is off due to the fact that this fandom is prone to nasty anon hate—moreso than I’ve seen anywhere else. So if you have something to say to me, gotta say it off anon. Sorry—won’t tolerate anon hate any longer. To add to that, if I see that you’re throwing hate on others, that’ll call for an instant unfollow and block. And going along with that…
  • ANY AND ALL OOC DRAMA WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! In order to keep my dash free of drama, I will unfollow if I see drama. This was one of the many reasons I left the AC RP fandom—too much damn drama. I hated logging into Charles, thinking ‘oh I wonder what sort of drama I’ll see on the dash today.’ I hated that. So, in order to keep it drama free, I will unfollow—and even block, if needed be—in order to keep my dash nice and clean. RPing is supposed to be fun and relaxing, a way to expand on my writing skills. It’s not supposed to be stressful. So if you have a problem with me being a private RPer now, don’t try to stir things up. I’m becoming a private RPer for reasons I don’t wish to disclose. Same with only RPing with one person. Don’t pry, please.

Think that’s about it…But yes, overall I’m coming back as a private RPer, so please respect my decision.))

Carry Home


{Random drabble I decided to up and write. Got on the topic of Rider!Haytham again, and I remembered Altan and I RPing Rider!Haytham and Charles, and it got to be quite interesting~ So here’s a random drabble that kinda sort took place during one of those RPs to the best of my memory~

Hints of Chaytham

Original Rider!Haytham idea belongs to berunov}

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((/pokes head in/))

Ready to come back yet?

((Not yet…gotta fix up a lot of things, first. I miss it, but I’m not ready to return yet. Need to do a unfollowing spree probably, then do a few other random things…and get some fancy pages.))

Fancy pages…? /tilts head/

((/pushes Charles over to young-eagle-haytham’s site/ Those awesome pages. And I need to make a relationships pages for you, too.))

That might take awhile…

((/siiiiiiiiiiiiighs/ I know, I know. And stupid hormones are making me all a;sldfhsdglkasjdl;fas So I’ll do it later, hopefully. I’ll need help, though.))

Time to hide away again?

((Yuuuuup. /goes to do so/))

ooc: I am home, and I’ve thunk this over for a bit…

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ooc: And work time once again~ Another 4-10 bleh ads;lkjfalsd;

But at least I’m off tomorrow~! And searching for another job, too. Got two that I want to apply at, they’re just on the opposite ends of this county. XD;;

Anyways, see y’all tonight~




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Yep more of annoying Eddie the annoying dad, this time some modern AU cuz it’s an excuse to draw Eddie in silly clothes


Yep more of annoying Eddie the annoying dad, this time some modern AU cuz it’s an excuse to draw Eddie in silly clothes

Want a pokemon egg?




Every person who regblog this  will have a pokemon egg on their submissions and a few days later a pokemon will hatch from the egg.


 The pokemon will be submitted based on their blog, it may be shiny or even a legendary

(Have your submissions open and only reblog, likes does not count)

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