ooc: Okay, so crazy AU idea time!

So, because I love dragons so much, I kinda tried to involve them into a sort of AU with Assassin’s Creed.

Wild dragons are since long extinct, even before Altair’s time. However, very few have managed to keep the blood of them preserved. And, through trial and error, it’s found that those who are infused with the blood of the dragon, become dragons themselves.

The Templars, sadly, were the ones to get their hands on it. But because dragon’s blood was so limited, only the Grandmasters were infused with it. If they lived through the transfusion, then they were worthy enough to be considered Grandmasters.

The transfusion happens like this: the one getting the transfusion is branded on the weakest part of their body. Then, while the burn is still fresh, the small amount of dragon’s blood is poured onto it, causing the blood to seep right into the body. If successful, the dragon’s blood mixes in with the human blood, and grants that person the power of dragons. AKA They’re able to transform into a full dragon. Whether or not you were able to breathe fire was left to chance.

For the Templars, obviously the brand was the Templar Cross. And usually the weakest point on their body was hidden by their clothes, so their Order wasn’t so readily shown. Robert de Sable’s was unknown, but Roderigo Borgia had his on his stomach, Cesare had his in the small of his back, Reginald was on his chest, and Haytham’s was on the side of his neck.

See the pattern? The weakest point on the Grandmasters, is ultimately the spot that had their fatal blow. Rodergio died by a poison apple, Cesare fell to his death, Reginald was stabbed through the chest, and Haytham was stabbed in the neck.

Also, no Assassin had ever gained the power of the dragon…until Connor arrived, having some of Haytham’s blood in him. But because he only had part, he couldn’t exactly control the dragon inside of him. Also, he couldn’t fully transform. He’d be able to get wings, claws, horns, and a tail…but all would considerably exhaust him.

For the dragon forms themselves, all were quite large and unable to fit in most barns. Also, in their dragon forms, they’re unable to talk, but can understand what’s being spoken to them. Any injuries they get while in dragon form, heal easier while remaining in that form—especially if the wound would be fatal to their human state. It takes a lot of practice for one to not be dead exhausted after transforming back into a human. Most times, once human, one will usually collapse of pure exhaustion. To those that are well trained, only some tiredness would result in transforming back, instead of completely losing consciousness.

Though not much is known about dragons, those that have knowledge of it are ‘trained’ to be dragon keepers—those who keep an eye on the Grandmaster’s dragon form, to make sure nothing wrong happens. This person is usually the second in command in the Templar hierarchy. Maria was Robert’s, Micheletto was Cesare’s, and Charles was Haytham’s. These men (and woman) stayed close to their respective Grandmasters, ready to jump in, should their dragons lose control, and they have to become ‘tamers’ as well as second-in-commands.

…..Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s all I have on this AU. Probably makes no sense whatsoever but eh, I think it’s a fun one. ouo

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